Scoring Guidelines / Forms

Athletic Championships is happy to continue utilizing the Varsity standard of scoring, electronic scoring system, and widely praised judging philosophies this season for both cheer and dance.  Along with Varsity All Star, Athletic Championships realizes how much stress it puts on you, your coaches, and your parents to be facing a different "playing field" at every event you attend. We feel that the Varsity Standard of scoring will create a strong, fair, and competitive environment moving forward so that no matter what Varsity Brands event you attend your entire program will understand where the scores come from and how they are calculated.   If you would like more detailed information regarding the scoring and guidelines for cheer, dance, school and rec teams, utilize the links below.

Varsity All Star Scoring System

USASF Rules and Age Grid

School Team Divisions and Guidelines

All Star Prep Guidelines

School Team Release Form

Cheer Individuals and Stunt Group Information

Dance Scoring

Varsity Policies

USASF All Star Dance Divisions & Guidelines

The Groove Experience