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Providence , RI

Rhode Island Convention Center

Rhode Island Convention Center

Designated as America's first vacation land in 1524, Rhode Island's timeless scenic beauty and unique charm have made it a treasured gem of the New England experience. The award-winning Rhode Island Convention Center and Duncan Donuts arena is one of the finest venues in the US and the ideal environment for a national championship. The center incorporates a beautiful glass structure attached via a skywalk to the Westin Hotel and Providence Place Mall. Athletic Championships Providence is the largest cheer and dance event in New England with an anticipated attendance of close to 5,000 athletes.


Athletic Championships is awarding the following Bids to the Cheerleading Worlds at its Platinum Championship in Providence, Rhode Island:

Full Paid Cheer: 3 / Partial Paid Cheer: 0 / At large Cheer: 6

We will also be giving Bids to the 2016 Summit in Orlando Florida!

Cheer Summit : 2 PAID and 10 AT-LARGE BIDS

D2 Summit : 2 PAID and 2 AT-LARGE BIDS

Dance Summit : 1 PAID AND 4 AT-LARGE BIDS




Event schedule will be posted the Monday before the event.

Results will be posted by 2 PM on Tuesday after the event.